Process Server COVID-19 Safety Policy

May 28, 2020

At We Serve Law, we recognize the spread of COVID-19 as a threat to the safety and well-being of our staff, clients, and defendants, we have enacted the following policies and procedures in order to minimize the spread of the disease as much as it is within our power. We will continue to monitor local, state, and federal agencies for guidance on the best ways to stay safe and will update our policies accordingly.


The following policies outline the safety requirements:


Before the Serve

Prior to serving, process servers will assess their own health by taking their temperature and monitoring potential recent exposure. If a server is experiencing symptoms or feeling sick, they are not permitted to serve. Servers must also ensure that their cars, documents, and hands are properly sanitized.


Making the Serve

Here are the steps a process server must follow when conducting a serve:

  1. Put on a mask and ensure hands are sanitized and gloved.

  2. Knock on the door and retreat a minimum of six feet or as far as possible.

  3. Once the door opens, the server will request confirmation of residency and identity as normal except at a distance.

  4. If confirmed, the server will place the documents on the ground and identify them as legal documents.

  5. The process server will then retreat and observe the receipt of the documents from a distance of six feet or more.

If a recipient refuses to come to the door, the server must confirm identity through the door and obtain a visual confirmation through a window. Once identified, the server will leave the documents by the door and retreat.


If you need support with your documents, contact We Serve Law LLC for your service of process and mobile notary needs at or call us at 800-637-1805 for assistance.

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