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Service of Process in Illinois — Motion To Appoint Special Process Server

Do you need to serve legal documents for a case that originates in Illinois upon an individual or corporation located in Illinois?


If so, you may first need to file a Motion To Appoint Special Process Server. 

There is no statewide licensing law in Illinois; however, a person licensed in Illinois as a “private detective” may serve original process in all counties except for Cook County without special appointment. In order for PIs to serve in Cook County, the court upon motion and in its discretion, may appoint a “private detective agency” as a special process server in lieu of an individual. It is not necessary that service be made only by a sheriff or PI. Private persons over the age of 18, upon motion, may be appointed by the court to serve original process. [Illinois Compiled Statutes §5/2-202}

Our staff can help you comply with the courts requirements to have your Motion to Appoint Special Process Server filed with the court so that your case can be served in compliance with the law and without delay. 


Motion to Appoint Special Process Server Form

Approved Statewide Forms 

Notable Case: Municipal Trust and Savings Bank v. Moriarty 2021 IL (Docket No: 126290)


Due to the rapidly changing nature of the law, there may be times when the material on this page is not current. We have made every effort to provide complete and accurate information of the general rules governing motion to appoint special process server and service of process in Illinois. However, we cannot guarantee the current accuracy of the above listed content, it is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. We assume no liability whatsoever and will not be held responsible directly or indirectly for any damages resulting from any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or your reliance on this partial information.

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