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Importance of Proper Documents for Service of Process

Proper service is essential for your case to proceed and utilizing an experienced process service company is the first step to a smooth process.

What you should look out for when needing to serve legal documents:

  1. Deadlines – Once a summons, complaint or other legal document has been issued, the plaintiff has a certain amount of time to serve the defendant(s). If the document is not served by the deadline, a new date has to be issued which delays the case.

  2. Different State, Different Jurisdiction – Service of process rules may differ from court to court and state to state. Certain states do not allow service of process on Sunday or on National Holidays while others do. Being knowledgeable of local rules is vital to effectuating valid service of process.

  3. Locations, Location, Location – People do not always want to be found and you may need to undertake additional effort to locate the defendant and/or witness if they have moved or are being evasive. We utilize the most comprehensive skip tracing databases and investigative resources to find an evasive individual, and serve them properly in accordance with state jurisdiction.

  1. Proof of Service – Service is only considered valid by the courts once an Affidavit of Service (“AOS”) has been filed. The AOS must conform to local rules and filed within a designated timeframe after service has been completed in order to be valid to proceed with the case.

Contact We Serve Law LLC for your service of process needs at or call us at 800-637-1805 for assistance.


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