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California Process Server

In the world of law it is paramount to employ the services of a seasoned process server. It's essential to hire a trusted and capable process service company for you to effectively deal with your demands for document delivery. We Serve Law LLC's team California Process Servers provide comprehensive coverage spanning the entire state, guaranteeing smooth and dependable services throughout the legal process.

Our team is committed to providing rapid service. This includes same-day delivery and a straightforward process of online submission. Our California process servers possess a successful track record and a thorough understanding of the state’s legal processes. Our document delivery service is dependable and in compliance with California's civil procedural law. Our experienced process servers are renowned within the legal world and have received excellent client feedback. We cover the entire state of California and our process servers are trained to manage all your legal documents with accuracy and efficiency, resulting in consistently outstanding outcomes.

What exactly is a California Process Server?

A California process server is an individual with the legal authority to deliver court orders and complaints, subpoenas and summonses and other legal documents to their intended recipients as part of a court process. They are critical in making sure that the parties involved in a legal matter are informed of the situation and served with the required legal documents in compliance with California law. California process servers are responsible for delivering these documents on time and accurately to ensure compliance with the laws in force.

Delivery All Throughout California

A California process server with We Serve Law LLC provides vast coverage throughout the state to ensure efficient and timely delivery of court documents. We've strategically positioned process servers that are skilled in offering reliable and legal services. You can rely on our experience in serving a wide array of legal documents, and our remarkable track record of success to achieve extraordinary results speaks for itself.

Service of Process Completed the Same-Day

Our California process servers will amaze you with their efficiency and speed. They can provide service of process on the same day and on time. For the fastest service processing, orders can be submitted through our website or by email. If speed is essential, our committed staff will handle your legal documents promptly and efficiently. We work with all types of legal documents in California. If it's subpoenas, writs of enforcement, or other civil procedures, we conform to the rules of civil procedure to guarantee speed and favorable outcomes.

Convenient Online Service of Process Requests

Send your request online quickly and easily. You may quickly submit your requests for legal document servicing via our easy-to-use website or via email. After submitting your order, you will receive confirmation of your service with regular updates to keep you informed of the service's progress. Our capable team of process servers are able to deliver same-day service even at short notice and on the weekends. You can be assured that with our experience we will be able to take care of all your legal documents with the utmost efficiency and speed.

Why You Should Choose an Established Company to Meet Your California Process Serving Needs

Both individuals and corporate clients can greatly benefit from hiring a reputable California process serving company. This choice not only ensures efficient and reliable service, but also saves time and money. Clients have access to same-day service seven days a week, enabling them to focus on significant aspects of their case without unnecessary delays.

The primary objective of our process servers is the successful delivery of legal documents throughout the state. Their commitment to excellence and expertise in law guarantee the prompt and high-standard delivery of important legal documents. Our dedication to meeting deadlines for clients and providing valuable legal assistance is exemplified by our same-day services.

The trust and confidence bestowed upon our business by the US Department of Justice is a testament to our exceptional reputation. Clients can rely on our professional and discreet handling of their documents, ensuring careful handling and confidentiality. Our California process servers ensure that all services provided align with the legal requirements outlined in the state's civil procedure guidelines.

At We Serve Law LLC, we deliver reliable services, offering clients affordable and effective solutions to all their delivery needs. Our service is characterized by trustworthiness, efficiency, and a commitment to exceeding client requirements. With our enthusiasm and comprehensive industry knowledge, clients can feel secure knowing they are in capable hands.

Following Through on Your Due Diligence to Pick out the Most Suitable Professional Process Server in California

When it comes to selecting a reputable California process server, conducting thorough research and drawing comparisons is crucial. It is essential to assess the professionalism and experience of the process servers, review testimonials and feedback from previous clients, and compare costs and turnaround times. We Serve Law LLC has garnered positive reviews from satisfied clients, attesting to our reliability and effectiveness in serving documents throughout the state of California. Our user-friendly online order form streamlines the entire process, allowing clients to quickly submit requests and choose from various service options. With our proficient team of California process servers, you can have complete confidence in experiencing a seamless and expedited service for all your document serving needs.


We Serve Law LLC’s California process servers will provide you with a range of advantages. These include cost and time savings, along with efficient and reliable service. With same-day service and a simple online form for submitting requests, our dedicated staff of California process servers guarantees thorough coverage across the state. Our business is approved by the US Department of Justice and is in compliance with the civil procedure regulations of every county within the state and we have diligent process servers who eagerly serve each county. It is recommended to read our client testimonials and reviews to learn more about our best in-class process servers.


1. What are the duties of a process server?

Process servers are crucial to delivering court documents like summonses and subpoenas, on behalf of plaintiffs. They ensure that delivery takes place in accordance with law and within allotted deadlines.

2. What distinguishes our experienced California process servers?

Our team of California process servers possesses a range of notable traits relevant to the industry. With careful management of legal documents and a commitment to maintaining high ethical standards, they exemplify professionalism in their field. Their comprehensive attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the legal system ensures dependable and efficient service when it comes to serving legal documents throughout California.

3. What is the time it usually takes a California process server to distribute documents?

Our California process servers might require more or less time to deliver documents, depending on a variety of variables. This is based on the address of the recipient as well as the availability of pertinent information, as well as how many attempts are needed for the documents to be delivered successfully. Our California process servers will try their best to complete the task as fast as they can.

4. What's the price to hire a California process server?

Costs for a professional California process server can vary on a range of factors. These include the distance traveled, the importance of the service as well as the volume of work performed, and any specific instructions related to the service. The pricing we offer is transparent and determined by the variables we have identified. This allows us to provide fair and affordable prices to our valuable clients.


Due to the rapidly changing nature of the law, there may be times when the material on this page is not current. We have made every effort to provide complete and accurate information of the general rules governing service of process. However, we cannot guarantee the current accuracy of the above listed content, it is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. We assume no liability whatsoever and will not be held responsible directly or indirectly for any damages resulting from any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or your reliance on this partial information.

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